I am currently not accepting new clients.

I Believe…

…that eating is a way that we take care of our body, an act of self care. We connect over food because that’s part of human nature.
Through food and eating, we are able to celebrate and honor our lives. As human beings, we are biologically hardwired to seek pleasure in eating. It’s for these reasons, and so many more, that I know good nutrition isn’t found in a list of what you should and shouldn’t eat.

My goal is to help people nourish a healthier relationship with food and learn to take care of their body, rather than punish it.
It’s my hope that my work helps you see that food can contribute to your quality of life by fueling your body to live a life that brings you joy.
I’m here to show you that eating can be a pleasurable activity, rather than a source of shame and anxiety.

The work I do incorporates the principles of Health at Every Size (HAES) and Intuitive Eating.  I offer a non-diet, weight-neutral approach to nutrition and health.  If you choose to work with me you will not be put on a diet, weighed, asked to count calories, track food, or follow a meal plan. 

Instead, our work will be learning how to listen to and nourish your body.  You will reconnect to an innate trust of your body’s signals – how to listen, and how to respond.  The confusing world of nutrition will become clear when your guide is your body and isn’t subject to the whims of diet fads.  You will get to reclaim your body owner’s manual. You will trust your body again.

Our work together is collaborative. You are the expert of your body (even if you have forgotten that).  I have training and experience to help you find the tools that best fit your health and well-being goals.  I do not have your answer, but I can be an experienced guide along your path to finding it. Two experts putting our heads and hearts together.

Finally, my goal is to help you understand what it means for you to be nourished.  And this goes far beyond food. 

Your body is a complex system. The more you understand it, the more you are empowered to make real, appropriate, and sustainable changes or, perhaps, to finally stop trying to change or fix yourself.