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Hi, I’m Elisha!  I am a dietitian and a food/body/nutrition therapist who entered this profession to learn how to take care of my body after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 15 years ago.  I have a deep belief in the power of food and self-care to nourish and heal the body. 

As an Intuitive Eating practitioner, I am fiercely passionate about helping people rediscover the joy of eating food without rules and deprivation. My goal is to help my clients improve their physical, mental, and emotional health with habits rooted in self-care and self-respect.

Like many dietitians, when I started, I believed nutrition was all about “eating right” and that there was some definable and quantifiable way to do that. As I started working with clients, I quickly realized this approach wasn’t helping people improve their health the way the textbooks taught me it should.

I learned that food is so much more than fuel, and that rules, guidelines and rigidity aren’t the answer. I realized the real key to health and wellness is not a number on a scale, eating just the right foods, or making sure to get 180 minutes of exercise per week. Instead, health comes from nurturing healthy relationship with food and making food choices from a place of nourishment and pleasure, not deprivation. I learned everything I could about Intuitive Eating, mindful eating, and Health At Every Size, and began to integrate these non-diet approaches into my practice and personal life.

I have also learned everything I can about motivational interviewing, a counseling modality that helps clients connect to and strengthen their own motivation to make lasting, sustainable change in the direction that matters most to them.

In addition to nutrition counseling, I also provide training and mentoring to dietitians and other healthcare providers looking to learn and master motivational interviewing skills.

Through compassion and creating a safe place for all bodies, I want help others redefine health and discover their own path to wellness and food peace.

Professional Bio

Elisha Rain, MS RDN CD, is a Seattle, WA-based nutrition therapist, intuitive eating and HAES practitioner, and a member of MINT (motivational interviewing network of trainers). She holds a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition from Bastyr University and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from Tufts University. After completing her dietetics internship, also at Bastyr University, she worked simultaneously as an outpatient dietitian for Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and in private practice.

Elisha has also worked extensively in phone-based, concierge nutrition counseling which incorporated nutrition and wellness related genetics, gut microbiome, and functional medicine blood laboratory data, at the Seattle-based bio-tech start-up Arivale, founded out of the work of the Institute for Systems Biology and genetic biology pioneer, Dr. Leroy Hood. She is very experienced in virtual/telehealth counseling.

In her current private practice, she specializes in intuitive eating, recovery from disordered eating, women’s health, chronic disease support, and healthy aging.

Elisha lives on the Kitsap Peninsula with her husband and dog, Cassie.  She has a daughter in college who still pops in from time to time. Elisha and her family have lived in a cohousing community for the last 20 years, which continues to teach her the value of growing and creating meaningful relationships and community as an integral part of whole-person health. Whenever possible, Elisha gets out into the great outdoors, kayaks, spends time with friends, playing and sharing food, and follows creative pursuits with printmaking and photography.