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A Food & Body Positive Approach to Nutrition & Health

Eating Intuitively

Struggling with body image, weight concerns, disordered eating or yo-yo dieting and just want to feel better about your body and food choices? I can help you learn how to eat intuitively, reconnect to your body, and heal your relationship to food.
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Navigating Chronic Disease

Wrestling with a chronic health concern like diabetes, heart health, or autoimmune disease? I can help you learn how to use nutrition and lifestyle to support your body where the answer isn’t, “just lose weight”.
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Putting You First

Questions or concerns about nourishing your body through fertility & conception, growing a family, menopause, or just simply the nutrition and lifestyle needs specifically related to you as a woman? I can help you understand how your nourishment and lifestyle needs change throughout your life.
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Aging With Fire

Is your body changing with age and want to know how to stay strong, vibrant, and healthy to continue to live a full life? I can help you learn how to take care of your body through these changes so you can stay engaged and active.
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