The Last of the Overlap.

School for this quarter began on Monday.  Chemsitry 162 and Anatomy & Physiology 242.  I am loving it!  Being in school is really thrilling for me this time around.  It feels different, more exciting, than I remember my undergraduate years feeling.

The courses are challenging.  Lots and lots to memorize.  Tons of unpronounceable words that I somehow need to remember.  Math to dredge up from the dank basement of my brain.  And I love it.

And, now that I am almost 40, my brain works differently.  Not really better or worse, just differently.  And, I need sleep – big difference from undergrad!  I find that I don’t procrastinate – I can’t, there isn’t time.

Here is something else I don’t do as well as I used to…

…As this quarter begins, I am finishing the last details of client work from my business – the last prints, the last e-mails, the last webpages.  The two directions of my life are overlapping.  It is this overlap of worlds that has been the most challenging of my transition.  My brain in two distinctly different frames of mind, jumping back and forth all the time.  I keep thinking I am good at that kind of multi-tasking – I used to be.  But I’m not anymore.

For a while, my business, school and the holidays all overlapped and I came remarkable close to hopping on a plane to somewhere where I owned a bowl, spoon and dress made from grass, and lived in a hut.  I wanted to be responsible for absolutely nothing.   I wanted off the ride.

Now, I am emerging into this new path more clearly and only a taste of the overlap is here.  I am ready to tie up the ends, wrap it lovingly with kind fabric, decorate it with a ribbon of tears and kiss it off down a lovin’ mama river.

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